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SOLARCVD is a pioneering system for the graphene production on an industrial scale that combines SOLAR energy with the CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) process, allowing reduction of this material in a massive and affordable way and giving rise to a drastic reduction in production costs.

This is possible by regulating solar thermal energy inside the reactor chamber system, which allows to adapt to the temperature ranges required in the CVD process.

It should be noted that the same principle of the patented reactor for graphene production is applicable to lots of industrial processes where high temperature is a key factor in the production costs such as baking, deposition, drying, reaction processes, etc.

If you are interested in learning more about our innovation, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to help your company to position itself at the forefront of green graphene production thanks to the use of our exclusive technology.

Added value

Característica 1 - SolarCVD

SOLARCVD is an exclusive patented system that allows for the first time the industrial production of graphene using the CVD technique and thermo-solar energy.

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Thermal control

The configuration of the solar reactor and the thermal circuits provides at all times the temperature control required in the process, granting hourly versatility in the graphene manufacturing.

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It provides a great competitive advantage regarding the reduction of production costs.

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Green production

It has a positive environmental impact due to its green and sustainable technology thanks to the use of renewable sources.

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Why a
green graphene?

Graphene is an element that, since its discovery and thanks to its properties, has not ceased to revolutionize all levels of the industrial and energy sector.

Due to its characteristics of excellent electrical and thermal conductor, great resistance and integration in additive manufacturing processes as well as in composite materials and electronics, graphene has surprisingly improved each product in sectors such as textile, electrical, electronic, optical, automotive or aerospace, among many others.

At SOLARCVD, thanks to our exclusive 100% renewable technology, we want to open the door to the green revolution by helping you to incorporate graphene as a key material in your production processes.